Norma tells how Miriam keeps you motivated and guides to reach your goals through challenging times

I started visiting Miriam at a time of chaos and confusion in my Life. Despite being an individual who's always felt capable of finding the silver lining in situations, Life threw a series of surprises that left me feeling somewhat helpless and unmotivated. I heard about her from close friends who just loved (and really looked forward to) their sessions with her, so I decided to give it a try. After a few visits with Miriam, I feel I am more capable of handling and sailing through the storms sent my way. She's reminded me of what is important and taught me how to look at myself and the world with more patience, kindness, and hope. I've been challenged like never before in life and still haven't reached calm waters,…
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5 days of Self Care

Day 1 Power of Gratitude Day 2   Breath work Day 3  Decluttering your home Day 4  Goal setting for success Day 5  Pamper day
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