Weight Management Program

Are you are ready to feel, look and be healthier, have more energy to do the things you love, reach and maintain a weight that you are comfortable with?
This program will help you break the cycle of unhealthy eating patterns and help you reach your ideal weight.

Bronze package
1 month
4 coaching sessions

Silver Package
3 months
6 coaching sessions
Gold Package
6 months
15 coaching sessions

Weight management testimonies “As someone who is skeptical of fad diets and quick weight loss trends, working with Miriam has been a delightful & effective lifestyle coach. She holds me accountable while being encouraging. She has given me me tools that help me mentally commit to my weight shedding goals. And I’ve seen results that motivate me to continue achieving my goals.” Sadiqa

Weight loss that works!

Weight loss that works! from Miriam on Vimeo.

“The weight management program was so much fun. First I started with the food diary in which I learned that writing down what I ate actually made me eat less somehow. I started walking along with my weight training, which helped me lose weight. Everyday I started to listen to Miriam’s weight loss affirmations for weight management which helped me focus my goals of weight loss eating in a whole another way for the day ahead. Then Miriam taught me EFT which helped me to further relax and lessen my food addiction. As a whole I learned to believe that anything is possible including weight loss and happiness is number one.

Please allow Miriam to help you with your weight loss goals you will learn how strong you really are from the inside out.

So Miriam gets my 5 stars in helping me lose weight

Thank you Miriam for beginning this journey with me”.

Deven M

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