Online Stress Management Course

This is a self paced course packed with tools and techniques to help you reduce and manage stress levels.

This course is for anyone looking to have more calm, balance, peace and contentment in their life. The course consists of 20 video lectures as well as downloadable resources and worksheets. Click on the link below to get started.

No one these days is exempt from stress and tension from time to time. When stress becomes prolonged and there is no ‘release valve’ then it can have serious and damaging affects on the body and mind. Relationships, career, health, finances can all suffer if stress is not successfully managed.
I teach my clients techniques to reduce and manage stress. These techniques can be used by anyone and work best by incorporating them into a daily routine. I am trained in anger management. NLP, Emotional Intelligence. I look at each client in a Holistic way and work with the mind, body and spirit to restore calmness, a sense of peace and balance. I incorporate advice on nutrition, exercise and breathing.

Managing Stress In A Modern World

Listen to the below recording;

Testimonials for Miriam’s 6-week Stress Management Course Feb 2020

“I recommend Miriam’s excellent class to help overcome stress and anxiety. Miriam is very well informed and accomplished with regard to the knowledge she has gained and gladly shares with her students. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, I have benefited greatly from the input of the teacher and students I have had a good chance and good fortune to share. I shall adopt many of the techniques and mindfulness exercises I have learned in this excellent class. Thank you, Miriam.”

“Very beneficial to learn techniques to manage stress and how to overcome this. Breathing strategies work a treat! Tapping strategies instantly release tension and I appreciate this being shared. The overall level of knowledge was exceptional and will be used in the future. Informative, life-changing, skilful and memorable course that will help overcome stressful situations in future. Thank you, Miriam.”

“This course helped me identify my stressors and look at which ones I can / can’t do something about. Things I enjoyed were: Updating my affirmations and goal setting exercise. I liked having weekly tasks /homework, having something new to try each week outside class. Looking at changing our thinking and putting that into practice.Deep breathing and meditation exercises. Week I stress level was 8/10 week 6 was 2/10 Thank you, Miriam.”

“Miriam’s Stress Management course gave me many different skills to work the stress out. It was an informative and laid back (stress-free) class where I learned how our body reacts to stress and how to cope with it. Miriam gave us many options and resources to deal with daily stress. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand how stress affects your body and how to best deal with it.”