I have suffered from anxiety, on and off, for most of my adult life.  This anxiety has surfaced in may forms, but most recently, while driving in vehicles and/or crossing over bridges.  I reached out to Miriam, as I knew she had some techniques to share with me to help me lessen my fears/anxiety.  First of all, Miriam has a very calming presence and a way about her that makes you instantly feel comfortable.  You can feel her genuine desire to provide you resolve to the issues you are experiencing with her focus, intense listening and the questions asked to get to heart of the problem.  Miriam was able to provide me some breathing and tapping techniques (aka homework, lol) that I still use when I am feeling a bit…
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Gratitude journal

Gratitude journal I’m pleased to announce my new gratitude journal is now available for purchase on Amazon. The journal allows you to Jot down 3 things everyday that you are grateful for and is a great reminder of all the good we have in our life even during tough times. Looking back over the journal you have completed will make you realize all the little things that were present for you at that time and will bring you joy. Makes a great gift for you or your loved ones. Click here to view on Amazon
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5 days of Self Care

Day 1 Power of Gratitude Day 2   Breath work Day 3  Decluttering your home Day 4  Goal setting for success Day 5  Pamper day
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