Dear Miriam,

I had wanted to email you as soon as I finished my race yesterday to express to you my eternal gratitude, but wanted to be sitting at my computer rather than shooting it off from my phone…
I truly can not thank you enough for the help you gave me, it was so much more than just a tool for a race, or a sleep, my overall sense of being shifted these last 10 days, and I owe that to you!
My sleep the night before the race was perfect, I woke up rested, felt great throughout the marathon, and even had a decent PR, which was quite pleasing, however the most pleasing thing about the experience was that I got to the start line without the stress and guilt of what a grumpy cow I had been, because all that you taught me calmed my normal nerves…

so from the bottom of my heart (and my husbands :)) thank you !!!!
I have sang your praises to any one who will listen, so you may be hearing from them soon,

I look forward to seeing you again soon!!!