Dominique A

I attended Miriam’s course “Create the life you desire” before summer. I wanted to try as I was getting fed up being stuck trying to start my business. I am a sculptor and started last year to get commissions. I couldn’t help but sabotage by procrastinating.

This is what I discover on the first day of Miriam’s course. She is quick and very clever with a serious background behind her courses. I am impressed by her knowledge, common sense, philosophy of life and ability to deliver the right teaching for you, understanding your needs to help you find out why there is a complete slump in your business or life.

So we worked on how to deal with it with all that is involved, self esteem, love for ourselves, limitations and beliefs… and much more. All I can say is it helps me right away the first week, just feeling I could do things I thought I wasn’t able to.
It needs courage and work to help the change but it has just given me the sensation of feeling good I’ve lost for a long time!

The benefits of this course were impressive for me. I am back on track now feeling much better about myself and my abilities, doing the right hours to complete my work so I can deliver more and better now. It has made a huge difference for me.
I would do it again without hesitation if I was to be stuck in life again.