Abby S

Miriam was calm, professional and guided me through every step and this technique has really helped me learn to cope better with this recent loss. I am so grateful for Miriam helping me get through such a difficult time in my life and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I recently lost my ex-boyfriend to suicide and I was not prepared for how badly I would be effected by this. After I attended the funeral which was open casket I was hopeful for some closure but afterwards I felt worse than ever. My anxiety was so high, I found it impossible to close my eyes and not picture his body in the casket and the overall energy in my apartment had shifted. I no longer felt comfortable being there alone and dreaded bed time. After a couple of days with no improvement in my mood and barely any sleep I reached out to Miriam for some help and booked an appointment with her that evening.

I was incredibly emotional throughout our session but Miriam provided tissues and kept ensuring me it was good to let out how I was feeling. She gave me a run through on how the session would go and what was involved. We began with breathing exercises to help me calm down and I could practice these daily both in the morning and before bed or at anytime I felt anxious or emotional. Then we began with the emotional freedom technique (EFT), I listened to Miriam’s guidance and everything was done in stages so I could follow along easily. I got emotional again during the process but Miriam encouraged me to keep going and follow the steps.

I was given homework for that evening and for the rest of the week. That night when I was home I focused immediately on the tasks I needed to do and for the first time since the funeral I felt in control of my emotions. There was defiantly a decrease in my anxiety and going to bed seemed a lot less scary. I practiced the deep breathing and also focused on changing my thoughts to a happy memory whenever I felt myself going back to the sight of him in the open casket. Thankfully sleep came easily that night and I didn’t have any more nightmares.

I applied everything Miriam taught me over the next few nights but even after the first night the difference was so incredible. I highly recommend anyone struggling after an emotional trauma to book a session.